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Phoenix, AZ CEREC 


Pheonix CEREC dentist, Dr. Conrad uses the latest in advance technologies including CEREC!  CEREC technology  is revolutionary to dentistry because it creates a beautiful, esthetic, strong and durable ceramicrestoration that is precisely bonded to the tooth.  It is accomplished using a digital scan of the prepared tooth and creating the restoration's design using powerful 3D software that allows the dentist to customize the result. The design is wirelessly transmitted to a special milling device that will create your restoration using a dental ceramic.

Traditionally dentist have done one of two things to repair defects in your teeth. They have been limited to placing either a filling or a crown. This inherently creates a problem for you as the patient. Here is the dilemma......

Fillings are great because they are conservative. However, fillings are not strong when a large amount of defective tooth structure is removed, replaced with filling material and expected to hold up as a long term restoration. A crown is another option when a large portion of tooth structure is decayed or fractured and is typically very strong, however they require a very aggressive preperation.

CEREC So simply put, many times your dentist has to either "push the envelope" and place a huge filling which usually can't hold up very long, or they have to be overly aggressive and place a full crown. Though many dentists' are still practicing this way today, Dr. Conrad offers an alternative called Cerec. Cerec allows us to only remove the part of the tooth that is defective (big or small) and then use porcelain to fill the defect, achieving the strength that a full crown offers without "shaving down" your entire tooth. For our patients, the biggest advantage is time savings. Not to mention the absence of impression material, bulky trays, the placement of a temporary crown, the follow up appointment (usually two weeks later) involving the removal of the temporary crown, additional anesthesia and adjustment.

With Cerec Cad/Cam technology we achieve the benefits of both fillings and crowns! Placing an inlay, onlay or 3/4 crown, which is typically fabricated and placed in just one visit! Truly, "tomorrow's dentistry today!"

For more information on CEREC in the Phoenix, AZ area call Stephen Conrad, D.D.S. at (602) 955-8760!